Dry, Brittle, Menopausal Hair


Our locks have been our crowning glory for many years and like most women, we love our hair. However, one area of our lives that we all have to face at some point is the menopause. The depletion of oestrogen in our bodies affects us everywhere no more so than our hair. It has been a year and then some since it was confirmed that I was in that time of my life which has now been termed ‘peri-menopause’ ¬†This was confirmed with a blood test confirming raised FHS levels.

My hair, which has always been of the ‘fine’ nature has been coloured, curled, heated, iced, cut, more colours and even more coloured over the years. I’ve always managed to make it look glossy, healthy and styled. My hair was part of me and I liked it. Imagine my horror when it began to thin, become dry and brittle. For well over a year I scraped it back in a clip and did my best with it. But there was no style unless I spent an hour curling it and that became too tedious to manage.

The peri-menopause period has in all not been too agonising for me. That said, I have had my hair cut short as I was looking for ways to try to find a style which would suit me. The Anne Hathaway look is the one which has suited me and it also has solved some of the problem with the dryness and the brittleness which has stalked me for a year. The depletion of oestrogen has changed the way I look immensely. I have fought and will continue to fight the hormone replacement therapy on offer. I’ve watched my cousin change in front of my very eyes since taking it.

The absence or dwindling of oestrogen is an area which will have most men fumbling, grunting and claiming ‘hormones, women are so hormonal’ There can never be a more apt statement. Oestrogen is our feel good hormone. Remember the days during pregnancy when people would claim they were blooming? ¬†Hair was glossy, vibrant, eyes were sparkling and skin was glowing; that’s the oestrogen rampaging around our nurturing bodies. It makes us happy, feel sexy, feel alive and makes us feel like women. When the oestrogen naturally dwindles it affects us ladies in ways which needs careful handling and when our hair is affected, boy oh boy are you chaps going to suffer. It’s tough and it’s difficult for us to accept that a) We are getting older; and b) Our once luscious hair is now dry, brittle and we look like scarecrows.

But all is not lost, I can highly recommend going to your hairdresser and explaining what is going on. All hairdressers are hair technicians and they will have been trained in the behaviour of hair. You’ll need some advice on products and miracles can be performed. I took drastic action and at first I was alarmed I would resemble something out of Prisoner Cell Block H, but now I have got used to my new short hair and the time saved each morning has been bliss. I don’t regret my new look and I certainly don’t miss the dryness and brittle split ends which were causing me endless torture. I take Evening Primose Oil to help with the shift in hormone balance and my hair takes only a thumbnail size blob of shampoo to wash and the rest is left to that mother of all mothers. No matter how we much we attempt to fight her, she wins every time. Hats off to Mother Nature. I salute your invasion of my system.

Everything can be argued, but this is a superb style.

Everything can be argued, but this is a superb style.



Tracey Bryan

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